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Uphill struggels
and downhill battles
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30th-Nov-2005 05:35 am - Private Message to Jiraiya; June 3
See if you can find out anything about why Akatsuki attacked Iwa.
12th-Jul-2005 12:34 am - 5/26 Private Memo
I just had word from the guards on duty at the gate that the Kazekage and company have crossed into Konoha territory. They should be here in roughly an hourat the latest.Rooms for him and his entourage have been prepared. They don't seem too badly injured, which is a great relief.Now al I have to do is explain that we still don't now what exactly happened to his youngest son.
10th-Jul-2005 12:55 am - T- 44 The good old times
Chibi Sannin Fluff Collapse )

TBC Open for Orochimaru, Tsunade, Jiraiya and anybody else old enough
17th-Jun-2005 01:22 am - Day 19 Filtered to Konoha shinobi. [mission]
Search MissionCollapse )
27th-May-2005 12:19 am - Day 16 Bitchin' Hokage
Thank the gods for small favors. i don't know what I would do if Sakura hadn't sent that take-out. Probably chew on some of the more dry and boring reports that keep trying to take over the world starting with my office. Hopefully Shizune will soon realize that food that is not edible wont to any good no matter how healthy the ingredients. I miss Gai's cooking.

I sent Yuuhi Kurenai, Tenten and Hyuuga Hanabi on a mission earlier and now I am waiting for a certain somebody's usual visit to round the whole thing up. Just why that man thinks he has to waste my time, I doubt I will ever comprehend.

Kakashi has dropped a new problem in my lap. For some reason whatever that man touches turns troublesome. Now not only do I have a Konoha shinobi on my hands that was declared dead and lived the last 19 years in Iwagakure, but it HAD to be one of the Uchihas. AND there's something odd going on with his Sharingan. I'll have to pay a visit to the archive and see if anything about an abnormal number of tomoes has ever been recorded. Why can't anything concerning this clan be easy?

Next time I see Jiraiya I'll have to beat him up some to pay him back for that prank he pulled on me. The sore loser. Jiraiya 'the man' in his little crappy fantasy world maybe.

Also I am expecting the reports from both Nara Shikamaru and Yamanaka Ino to land on my desk soon.

Speaking of expecting reports. Our guests from Suna will arrive shortly and I'm sure Sakura will handle everything well, but I still have to wait for her note so that I can file that... -sigh

Looks like it'll be another night in the office for me. Not that it will make much of a difference to anybody but Shizune, still it annoys me. Another thing that annoys me is the fact that I haven't yet heard from the Ex-sound Trio. One would think they would be anxious to get all this over and done with.

Lately Shizune has been nagging at me over my health. HA! I am the best damn medic in Konoha, I know better whether the hell I am healthy or not then anybody else!
18th-May-2005 12:46 am - Old friends meet
Day 16

A night out on town with Tsunade and Jiraiya

10th-May-2005 04:38 am - OCC quizz for Tsunade-hime
-rolls on the floor laughing- I just couldn't resist after all that relationship drama ^___^

Key to your heartCollapse )

I do hope nobody will smite me for this XP
Day 11

To make a short story even shorter for anybody who has been wondering over the strange behavior of certain people(mainly my pupil Sakura). I am seeing Maito Gai. Deal with it.

Other than that I am glad that Kakashi could be released from the hospital and is now officially out of my hair.
So far no other information about the missing nins has been reported and hopefully that means they are no longer heading for Konoha.
Teams Gai and Inoshi should reach Grass tomorrow and I expect a notice of their safe arrival.
It seems that the final group expected from Suna will consist of Temari, Kankurou and Gaara. I expect all the citizens of Konoha to show them the necessary respect and to be on their best behavior.
There haven't been any reported activities of either Orochimaru and the hidden Sound nor his ex-compatriot Kabuto, but I highly doubt that that is anything more then the calm before the storm. I expect that he has already received information on the Uchiha's deployment to Grass.

Sakura's training is progressing well and I have high hopes for her, after all somebody will have to look after those two team mates of hers, and I am certainly to old to go running all over the place just for that.
Speaking of old...Jiraiya get your butt to the Hokage tower, I have a night out on the town planned for tonight.
4th-May-2005 06:45 pm(no subject)
Day 9

It seems that a lot is going on at the moment.
We'll be expecting visitors from Sunagakure soon and most of our chuunins and jounins are on missions everywhere.

Personnel RotaCollapse )
Plus there have been reports that a group of Missing-nins may be headed towards Konoha.
sighs And I haven't been getting enough sleep...
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